Giving to Children in Foster Care

Circumstances not choices. What child wants to be removed from the family they know and love?No matter how dysfunctional or even dangerous, no child wishes to be away from their family, usually under very stressful circumstances, told by strangers to grab some clothes and maybe a personal item or two, then be taken by these strangers to an office or another stranger's house where the child learns they will be staying for an undetermined choices, no options.  No child would willingly agree to uproot their world and gamble on a world they don't know. Children in foster care don't choose to be in these circumstances.

Make a Difference for a Foster Child .jpg

In today's world, a usual case of a child being removed from the home and placed in foster care is related to parental drug use and substance abuse.  The national increase in opioids (heroin) use, among other substance abuse by parents, along with the accompanying parental neglect, contributes greatly to the rise in foster care placement. 

In recent years, Point Hope has seen the growing need for help and resources. Child welfare agencies have more children to process and find safe housing for without an increase in their available funding and the children are suffering. We are determined to act, to be a voice and an advocate for these forgotten children. We are imploring you to join with us!

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bundles of hope for babies

Babies and toddlers truly have no words, no voices, they can't speak to what they don't have--but Point Hope and YOU can provide some of what they need.

young boys duffle.jpg

"All yours" hope bags for youth

Young children, ages 4 - 10 years old, have voices, but no opportunity to speak in the moment of upheaval; they also often fail to understand what is happening. Point Hope and YOU can step into this gap.

two teen totes.jpg

totes of hope     for teens

Teens don't usually have a suitcase or bag of their own and when they need to pack the one thing at hand to put it all in is a garbage bag.  Point Hope and YOU can end this humiliation.