to Be a voice for forgotten children

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To raise awareness and champion the cause for forgotten children so that:

  • Every child has a loving and nurturing environment

  • Every child has the basic essentials to live a healthy life

  • Local communities are equipped to deal with the challenges facing children

  • Government, business, education and religious communities are encouraged to partner for the welfare of children

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  • Involvement with discernment

  • Fostering stability through authentic relationships

  • Partnering and collaboration that honors the sharing of success

  • Coming alongside already established local efforts where we can

  • Transparency in all matters of business

  • Long-term community transformation

  • Effective deployment of resources

  • Always value talent

  • 100% of contributions go to those in need

  • Embracing God in all we do

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  • Care for widows and orphans in West Africa

  • Build a sustainable, modern village

  • Create ownership of the process by/for the residents of Point Hope Village; morph that into actual ownership of the village

  • Establish villages in other West Africa communities based on the Ghana Point Hope Village model

  • Establish Points of Hope across America

Be a light in the darkness

Change the world

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