"all yours" hope bags 4 youth

No longer a baby...

Young children, ages 4 to 10, who are removed from their homes, understand that life isn't what they want it to be, not what it used to be, even thought they may not be able to comprehend or voice their new reality.  

At the same time, child welfare agencies across the country are doing heroic work, but they cannot find enough foster families to meet the growing demand, nor do they have the funds to supply all the needs of children they place in shelter homes while the search for a more permanent solution is found.

"All YOURS" Hope Bags for Youth is a solution to the immediate needs of young people in foster care. 

  • You can collect and distribute these bags by forming a Point of Hope Chapter in your community; or
  • You can purchase the bags and supplies and send them to Point Hope for us to distribute; or
  • You can donate to Totes of Hope and Point Hope will purchase and distribute the bags to foster care agencies and the children they serve