Gerald and Jan Haynes

Gerald and Jan Haynes

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Jan Haynes, Executive Director

Jan Haynes, Point Hope’s Executive Director since October 2009, is a West Coast native. Her family ultimately settled in Oregon, just a few hours away from the coastal region that was home to Delilah. Jan and her husband Gerald met each other and Delilah at college in Eugene, Oregon, in 1978. Jan was a dynamo of energy then and continues to be so now. 

 Jan and Gerald both served their community as law enforcement officers, their combined service totaling over 40 years.  When Jan retired from that field, she volunteered to be the Volunteer Coordinator for Point Hope

 Jan's passion for serving God through serving others is undeniable. Shortly after volunteering with Point Hope, it became evident that her determination and tenacity would help Point Hope grow and mature as an organization, while her tender heart and love for others was an asset to reach the vulnerable population Point Hope serves. Delilah talked to her old friends about the possibilities and Jan and Gerald both agreed they were being called to the Seattle area to spearhead the efforts of Point Hope, to be the voice of forgotten children.

 Jan Haynes holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Communication. It might be said that this, plus her years in law enforcement, created her area of expertise, allowing her to asses a situation and find the safest and most successful resolutions to difficult situations.  

Since 2009, Jan has spent many months, sometimes over half her year, in Ghana, West Africa. She has learned to effectively navigate the many challenges, cultural differences, and even the congested and sometimes dangerous streets which can be found in the beautiful country of Ghana, in order to serve those who are most vulnerable.   At times she is joined by her biggest supporter and wonderful Point Hope volunteer, Gerald, her husband of nearly 40 years, while at other times “Papa G” (as he is known in Ghana) remains in America where he works and runs their household.  In the U.S., Jan works to bring awareness to the plight of children in foster care and on the reality of human trafficking, both at home and abroad.

 Whether in Ghana or America, Jan does not slow down. She is up early in the morning to meet with staff, direct a multitude of projects, tend to sick children, meet with tribal and government officials, and religious and community leaders.  Whether caring for orphans or tackling the challenges facing foster kids, she has a single focus in mind:  to bring help and healing to the most vulnerable and to create sustainable programs that will empower families and communities so that children can thrive. 

Jan and Gerald call the Pacific Northwest home. Together they have raised four children, unofficially adopted two more, and are actively involved in the lives of their 20 grandchildren, as well as the numerous kids who their daughter Leah, and her husband Josh, foster in their home. (Four of their grandchildren were adopted out of foster care.)  Their entire extended family have been recruited as Point Hope volunteers, helping at “Teenista” foster-girl events and other domestic programs, as well as packing boxes of donations and driving moving vans from state to state to fill containers for shipments to Ghana. Their daughter Erin also works full-time as the Officer Manager and Domestic Programs Coordinator for Point Hope.

 As Point Hope’s executive director, Jan's primary focus is on leading and encouraging the Point Hope Ghana staff as well as our staff and volunteers in America. She leads with the heart of a servant and cares deeply for each and every member of the Point Hope team as well as each person we serve. Jan considers herself fortunate and blessed to be able to do this work to honor God and truly believes that, most days, He loves her best.