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Dr. Daniel Gallego-Perez, MD

Dr. Daniel Gallego-Perez, MD, DrPH(c), was born in Colombia, where he obtained a medical degree from the University of Antioquia. After a clerkship in medical anthropology and psychiatry at Harvard Medical School in 2004, he worked at the Liberian Refugee Camp Clinic in Ghana for almost five years, where he provided primary health care to the refugee community and coordinated public health activities including a nutrition program. He moved back to Columbia to work as a primary care physician, and then pursued his main area of interest which is integrative medicine, in particular the understanding and creation of strategies for the intersection between Public Health and Complementary and Alternative Medicine. He attended the Universidad Manuel Beltran (Bogota, Colombia) from 2010-2011, where he added Alternative Therapies Specialist in Complementary and Alternative Medicine to his expertise. In 2013, Dr. Gallego-Perez began attending Boston University School of Public Health (Medford, MA) as a Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) student, but continues to be engaged in different international projects. Since 2016 he has also worked as an International Pan American Health Organization Consultant.

In addition to being on the Point Hope Board, he is a member of the Critical Medical Anthropology Research Group, affiliated with the Center for Social Studies at the National University, Colombia.

Daniel and his wife Amanda (who also has a career in the Public Health field) have two children and try to spend as much time as possible together as a family, despite their very busy schedules.