Debbie Sundberg at home on her horse

Debbie Sundberg at home on her horse

Debbie Sundberg

Debbie Sundberg is a wife, mother and grandmother. She has also been the sole proprietor of a Pacific Northwest floral business for 30 years. Debbie is an active member in the community and her church. She and her husband Brian have been involved with Royal Rangers and Missionettes (youth ministries) for over 25 years. They have hosted countless young adult and youth group gatherings at their farm throughout the years, as well as hosting missionaries from many different countries.

Debbie and Brian live on a pastoral farm that has been in her family for generations. They raise beef cattle on their land and Debbie has two horses that she loves to ride. In addition to running her business, Debbie is an avid seamstress and quilter. Debbie is also the world’s BEST grandma, spending countless hours baking her famous sugar cookies, decorating for parties and hosting her grandchildren and all her “adopted” grandkids as well.

In the winter of 2008, Debbie and Brian travelled to Ghana, West Africa with Point Hope. Within the first few days after arriving in the camp, a malnourished, dying infant was placed in Debbie’s arms. It was unknown whether or not he would even make it through the night. Debbie spent the week cradling, feeding, praying for and loving him back to life, and was able to place him with another caregiver; he is now 2 years old, thriving and living with his new adoptive parents in Seattle, Washington. Brian’s expertise as a landscaper and gardener was much appreciated in Buduburam, where his idea of a water holding tank that would deliver the irrigation via water pressure was well-received and helped change the work load of the farmers at the camp. Today the farm is far more productive because of the information Brian was able to share.

Brian and Debbie’s love for the Lord, their passion for children in need and their commitment to their community makes them a valuable asset to Point Hope.