fundraising opportunities

You can start a fundraiser anytime on Facebook directing donated funds to Point Hope or cite Point Hope as your designated "Birthday Fundraiser" beneficiary; you can also utilize any number of "crowd-funding" fundraising tools on the internet (i.e. GoFundMe), or even work directly with Point Hope to raise funds. Events which have been held to successfully raise funds in the past are: cycle exercise classes, 5k-10K walks-runs, dinners, auctions, pledge-per-page (people agreed to pay a pledge per page of music learned/played by young music students), car-washes, and making crafts and selling them. The effort you make will pay great dividends -- you can be ONE PERSON who changes the lives!

Be an Ambassador for Point Hope

Tell your friends, family and strangers about the lives who are touched, the food grown, the trees planted, the mentoring of teens, the spark of life brought back to a child's eye, the medical help provided. You want to help Point Hope and simply giving money is not enough? You want to start a Points of Hope Chapter, but you need to find other people to join in with you? We need you to share our story! This is your chance!

Do you have a social media account such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? So does Point Hope! You can not only "Like" and "Follow" Point Hope, Point Hope Ghana, and Points of Hope Chapters, but you can really help us by Sharing, Reposting, Re-tweeting, and commenting on the pictures and stories we share.

If you would like to share the story of Point Hope with a group, we would be very happy to send you brochures, pledge cards, and whatever information you need to help you confidently talk about the work and goals of Point Hope.  

Are you ready to be an Ambassador of Hope? Contact us at and let's get started!