Point Hope

What You Can Do

What does a volunteer in West Africa look like?
Anyone, you or me.
What does a volunteer in the US look like?
Anyone, you or me.
What would a volunteer in West Africa or the United States do?
This would depend on your skills, interests, and training.



  • Are you a doctor or a dentist? Serve as a medical or dental consultant.
  • Donate your services as an architect! Design future children’s homes, offices, schools, ministry centers, etc.
  • Construction-related skills? Donate your services (builders, plumbers, electricians, etc.) here in the US (at our local offices) or travel to one of our countries to work on a project.
  • In the medical or pharmaceutical field? Gather much needed resources including medicine, vitamins, medical tools/machines, etc.
  • Food is one of our children’s greatest physical needs. Are you a farmer or agriculturalist? Impart your expertise to our farm staff or donate farming equipment.
  • Sports enthusiast? Gather sports equipment or materials to construct sports courts, playgrounds, etc.


  • Maintaining cultural values including traditional ethnic dance, storytelling and dress are important to us. Travel to one of our countries and serve as a consultant, offering advice on ways to encourage this in our programs.


  • Experience or training in trauma or grief counseling? Serve as a consultant or travel to one of our countries and impart your knowledge.
  • Are you an educator? Support Education (See Education below).


  • Create culturally relevant Bible studies to send overseas.
  • Develop VBS curriculum or activities to use in-country with our kids!



  • Lend your expertise as a social services consultant.


  • Get involved with worship! Point Hope always welcomes guest speakers and worship leaders to come speak at our prayer meetings in Washington (See Contact Information Below).
  • Are you a pastor? Take a Venture Trip or serve as a consultant overseas.


  • Are you a teacher or education professional? Work to identify educational needs.
  • Run a school supply drive or a book drive, or help collect school supplies for children in Africa and/or children here in the US.
  • Contribute to the planning, implementation, or funding of programs at our Vocational Skills Centers.
  • Background in special education? Help us meet the needs of our children with mental and physical challenges.

Government / Politics / Justice

  • Become an advocate for global poverty.
  • Provide pro bono legal services to our US organization or serve as a legal consultant.

Business / Economics

  • Donate your professional services as a financial advisor.

Media / Arts / Entertainment

  • Do you have connections to the media? Help Point Hope Reach out locally and globally.
  • Create or edit video for use as an official use by Point Hope.
  • Donate your time to a specific project in Graphic Design, Journalism or Web Development/Web Design.
  • Professional photographer? Participate in special events held around the U.S. or travel to one of our countries to take photos for use in various publications.
  • An artist or tradesperson? Travel to one of your countries and teach a class, creating an opportunity for a skill-based business opportunity.
  • Interested in music? Setup the recording studio with musical instruments or create instrumental soundtracks, or a song dictated to Point Hope.


  • Generate awareness regarding the environmental conditions in Africa and here in the United States Foster System.
  • Share your expertise in areas such as water filtration, crop rotation, irrigation techniques, alternative power sources, etc.

For more information on any of the above-listed areas of involvement, or if you have an idea for something that isn’t listed, please contact admin@pointhope.org